After its launch earlier this year, Bing has been continuously taking the percentage of the search market share away from its main competitors including Google. It took just few weeks to replace Yahoo as number two. I would be really interesting to know what makes people use it?

First of all, it’s natural curiosity and great marketing efforts behind it. However, in our digital era nothing kills bad product faster than good marketing. Apparently, Microsoft has something else under their belt to make first-time users stick with Bing. My research will reveal, what exactly it is. Better, simpler, and more intuitive interface? New algorithms behind their search? Equipping new Windows 7 and older versions of IE with Bing as a default search engine? My assumptions would be yes, yes, and yes…

However, the question of usability would be the most relevant for this particular case study. I’ve never used Bing before, so my usability tests and further research would have to reveal a couple of really important things:

1. Simplicity. Can you make search even simpler than Google does? Is it what the users want? Maybe they want something else? What is it? How does Bing’s interface address those needs?

2. Intuitive interface. How is it designed? What are possible tasks the end users would want to accomplish? How well is Bing’s design thought through for the completion of these tasks? What could be done to make it better?

3. Innovative  solutions. What’s new? What makes Bing different? What’s better and what’s worse?

My goal for the next several weeks is to use Bing for all of my search needs and find out what are the main factors that make it (un)successful.