Media Space: Profiles

November 8, 2009

My first self-introduction into the Media Space about half a year ago failed miserably: it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to get to my profile and upload a picture. Things have changed a little bit since that time, however this problem wasn’t fixed.

Let’s see what would it take to upload a new picture to replace the profile icon.

Profile: Current task flow

The process of updating (or even accessing) a profile seems to be fairly complicated, making the interface less intuitive. Things are not just where you expect them to be… Subsequently, a small rearrange would fix the problem:Profile2

Disclaimer: Although this change seems to be pretty minor, its implementation might require some major changes in how the entire system works. In my opinion, a platform like Media Space should be profile-oriented, not task-oriented like it appears to be now.


Use case

Step 1: User logs in.

Step 2:  User clicks on the “(My) Profile”

Step 3:  User selects “Edit Profile”

Step 4:  User clicks on the “Edit profile icon”

Step 5:  User uploads and crops picture

Step 6:  User clicks “Save” button


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