Google’s users organizing the Web

November 21, 2008

With the enormous volume of information available on the Internet the question of who would organize all of this data used to be a tough one. Websites like and Stumbleupon provided great tools for people to do that, giving the answer on the question above.

However, even with the millions of users using the tags to teach the machine their audience have been significantly smaller then the number of Google users. Finally the biggest search engine does its greatest step ever to engage the groundswell into organizing the Internet.

Google's new tool


Eric von Hippel suggested once in his Democratizing Innovation book that giving the right tools to users/customers will enable them and they will create their own content/product. Give them the right tool and they will do the work you need. Looks like Google provided a new tool for its users to organize the content they are looking for. Who knows, maybe these 3 tiny icons (an arrow, a cross and a circle) will advance a lot in organizing all the available data.

Websites like Wikipedia proved that online communities could be really effective in self-organizing and self-policing. The only question is if the community would be good enough in organizing the entire Web…


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