Google Chrome. My experience

September 5, 2008

There is a lot of both online and offline buzz around the new Chrome browser by Google. No doubts, this one would be a good competitor for a Mozilla’s Firefox, despite the evidence, that it is directly targeted at Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and its latest browser test update, IE 8.

Google’s new Chrome browser borrows so much from Opera’s browser. I have been using Opera for a number of years, since version 5.01. (I’m currently using ver. 9.52). By the way, Opera boss commented on that already, saying that imitation is flattering.

What I didn’t like about the Chrome was the way it displays fonts. They look “choppy” to me, which for some reason irritates my eyes (take a look at the picture below to compare it with IE7).

Google Chrome (on the left) vs. IE7

Google Chrome (on the left) vs. IE7 (on the right)

I have to note that Firefox used to display fonts exactly the same way when I tried it for the first time (maybe because of its JavaScript engine?). However, I don’t know for sure if it was fixed or not.

Most likely Chrome will be “permanently Beta”, as the rest of Google’s products, so I hope they will fix this problem sooner or later.


2 Responses to “Google Chrome. My experience”

  1. Matt Says:

    My guess is that since Chrome is eventually supposed to be cross-platform they’re trying to not use too many OS-specific rendering techniques. IE 7, on the other hand, is very closely tied to Windows and can use the latest internal font rendering.

  2. ivsyd Says:

    thanks for the clarification.

    However, I still don’t understand why Opera, which isn’t tied to Windows, doesn’t have this problem.

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