Summarizing the class experience

August 28, 2008

The summer class is over and it’s a great time to take few weeks of break before the next quarter begins. Looks like it’s time to have a little bit of rest.

It’s time to take a look back to my expectations for the class:

Thus, talking about the class, I expect myself to learn some “what’s” and “how-to’s” regarding the current trends and practices in the digital marketplace.

We all know there are a lot of questions and not this many answers in this field. Thus, the trick is to ask right questions, so one more thing I do expect from this class is a little bit more practicing in critical thinking and asking questions.

We’ve talked a lot about the impacts of Internet on the society in general and on the economy in particular during our meetings. No doubts, we’ve learned a lot of “what’s” due to specifics of the class. We were able to track the recent changes in the way economy works. I think I also had enough practice asking questions. I found preparing questions for the guest speakers quite entertaining and useful.

Talking about the class in general, I should make a note that it took a fair amount of efforts to complete all the home assignments. They weren’t way too difficult, just time consuming.

Summarizing the class experience, I can mention that Net-centric Economics required above the average time input and was insightful. It contributed a lot towards my theoretical and practical understanding of how new information technologies change the economy


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