Reflections on the first Net-centric economics class

July 3, 2008

It is a little bit sad to realize, but looks like the class is failing some of my expectations.

Dru’s lecture was really interesting, but I think it was a little bit off the topic. I understand that skills of writing the critical reviews are especially important in the field of digital media. However, I think we should focus a little bit more on the topic of a digital economics itself, not on the writing skills, since it’s not a content-production class.

I think focusing on the topic like “how to critically read text” is not a good fit for the Master’s program lectures. I don’t want to say something like: we are cool without it. I just think we’ve paid too much attention to it. Thus, some additional reading (a couple of articles) would be enough to cover it and not to spend our precious class time.

The overall introduction to the economics of information was quite interesting and helped to bridge my basic knowledge of economics with the new concepts of digital media. The comparison of the ideas of exiting costs and scarcity-driven essence of economics for both traditional and new approaches was somewhat helpful in understanding the basic key moments of how does economy evolve under the influence of new media. I hope we go further this way.



3 Responses to “Reflections on the first Net-centric economics class”

  1. kegill Says:

    Hi, Ivan … I’m sorry that we weren’t clear about Dru’s discussion of the review assignment. In our case, the writing is designed to reflect critical thinking … and because this is such a large portion of the grade and most people have never written a critical review, I feel like it’s important to talk about it. What part of that discussion would you leave out?

  2. kegill Says:

    Hi, Ivan… now that there are more classes under your belt … are your expectations being met more closely?

  3. ivsyd Says:


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