Some expectations from the net-centric economics class

July 2, 2008

I had the first Net-centric economics class this Monday. Actually, it was my first class I took as a graduate student (this is my third quarter and I finally did matriculate).

It is really amazing to see all the changes digital technologies bring into the society. One of the most interesting parts is the new media influence on the models of running a business and the economics in general.

It’s obvious that digital economics is currently in the fetus stage, so it looks like we are not trying to explore this phenomena, but make an attempt to take a closer look at the process of its shaping and all the transformation of business models.

It’s well known there are no established monetizing business models in this field, so it’s really hard to talk about digital economics. Thus, talking about the class, I expect myself to learn some “what’s” and “how-to’s” regarding the current trends and practices in the digital marketplace.

We all know there are a lot of questions and just few answers in this field. Thus, the trick is to ask right questions, so one more thing I do expect from this class is a little bit more practicing in critical thinking and asking questions.



One Response to “Some expectations from the net-centric economics class”

  1. kegill Says:

    Hi, Ivan — there are established business models for using digital technology to sell things … see Amazon and eBay. Where our biz models are lagging is specifically how to create money from generating content, whether you are CCN, the New York Times, a band or a writer/photographer/videographer.

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